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I see how hard you’re working. I see how worried you are about your kids. I know that you would do anything for them, but what if doing anything for them means taking care of yourself first. I know it feels wrong, it feels like you’re putting yourself first, but by taking care of yourself you are better able to take care of your family. Because if mom’s not happy, no one's happy!


I can help you: 

  •     Quiet the negative self talk.

  •     Build more connection with yourself and your family

  •     Learn to treat yourself with love and compassion

  •     Find the joy and confidence in parenting

Parenting can be tough. Sometimes we need some extra support. I work with parents to provide coaching and consultation by phone, or in person. Appointments are conveniently scheduled on evenings and weekends to avoid interference with work and school.

As a parent support coaching client you will:

  • Learn 5 Secrets of Effective Communication

  • Examine the reasons behind your child's behavior

  • Effectively learn how to increase proactive parenting and decrease reactive parenting

  • Increase skill and confidence in parenting strategies and techniques

  • Create a stronger emotional connection with your child

  • Learn how to find listening partners who will help support you during challenging times

  • Find a space to openly discuss challenges in parenting and personal struggles with your children

  • Be able to empower your children while being clear and confident about your own parental boundaries