I want you to know your worth and how valuable you are.

I suffered with self-doubt, anxiety and insecurity as a teen and young adult. As a parent I felt constant feelings of guilt- feeling that I was not enough. I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in my practice because the methods have worked for me. I was able to shift my perspective from being stuck in negative self-critical thoughts to being more accepting and kind with myself.


Therapy doesn’t have to be forever.

I’m invested in your improvement. Part of what I do is ask for feedback to make sure that treatment is focused on what it is you want to talk about and accomplish. I use 50 different tools and strategies to help you untwist your thinking and I do require homework. 

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.  After finishing graduate school at Cal State East Bay, I worked in agencies throughout the Bay Area, and pursued specialized training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with the Feeling Good Institute. I have also been trained in treating OCD with Exposure Response Prevention, and I am able to treat OCD in children and adults. I have extensive training in parent education. I use my education and training from Hand in Hand Parenting and Positive Discipline methods to help parents gain confidence in their parenting abilities. I am dedicated in continuing my education to best serve clients, as well as using evidence based practices.



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